Sage Towers is a multiplayer fantasy survivalcraft where you build towers with alchemy and survive against Elementals using powerful abilities.

What do we have so far?

  • Robust building system with interactables like lights and turrets accessible right away.
  • Interchangeable ability FPS combat system modified by gear.
  • Configurable AI state machine that responds to players and buildings.
  • Survival and RPG mechanics, RPG stats provide meaningful change.
  • Handcrafted world map with 4k textures and a day night cycle.
  • Adjustable rule set for thing like PvP, loot dropping, and other modifiers.
  • Open world harvesting with enemies and points of interest strewn about.
  • Working network backend with dedicated servers allowing for LAN and player hosting.
  • Simple questing system and pvp ranking that we are currently testing.

What do we plan on adding?

  • More tower defense mechanics and expansion of building system.
  • Server wide events that require the whole server working together to unlock.
  • Player generated content, skins, models, decorations integration.
  • Procedural dungeons, hand crafted raids, and world bosses.
  • Titles, Achievements, and Mounts along with PvP events and/or battleground.

Check out the game roadmap here

Who is making it?

Sage Towers is a “GAMES AS A SERVICE” also known as the metaverse. Designed, developed, and produced so far by the two person gamestudio Amazastrophic, all in our free time over 6 years. We are urgently looking to raise capital; our goal is to hire people who share a similar vision for the future of gaming in the metaverse so we can scale our framework to new heights.

Where can I buy Sage Towers at?

Currently the game is available on Discord. You can either buy it there or you can get a Sage Tower Discord key with DOGECOIN.

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