1 Sage Tower

Wanna buy a Discord game with Doge?

  1. In the field below enter your email CORRECTLY.
  2. Hit submit to start your invoice and follow the instructions.
  3. Once your payment is clear we will send you an email with a Sage Towers Discord key.
  4. BONUS OFFER: If you have a $TIMES wallet, put an address in to get 100 Time Shards!

(Optional) Time Shard receiving address

You should see an email arrive about 5-15 minutes after sending payment. If you need any additional help make sure to check out our Discord or just comment below!

Much Wow Such Questions

Sage Towers is a metaverse experience where anyone can play to earn “Time Shards”
through skill based gameplay and greater contribution to the ecosystem. Players can
survive, battle, harvest, craft, and build grand towers in this open fantasy world.

We wanted to build a game that takes our favorites like Skyrim and Rust then kicks it up a notch. Give players additional ways to feel the impact of the game world around them. Reward skillful play and smart decisions with something more permanent and we think the blockchain can help.

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