Trade Doge for Times

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Time Shard receiving address

You should expect your Time Shards to arrive within 5-10 minutes.

1 Dogecoin = 4 Time Shards

Total Public Sale: 250,000,000

16.6% of 1,500,000,000 Genesis Block

Can only buy with Dogecoin

Time shard github (White paper)

What’s a Time Shard?

Time Shard ($TIMES) are a BTC type coin for Sage Towers. We believe that 2/3 of the total coin being unlocked from play and mining is the best way to initially empower the playerbase. Only 16% of the coin will be available to purchase from the “DOGE to TIMES” service. We hope this will help tamp down pay to win and help force players to “earn to play” and not “pay to win”. You can read the whitepaper here, and check out our Sage Token list.

List of why we decided to make Time Shards

  • Players should be able to mine gaming coins with their gaming rig
  • An equivalent amount should be earnable from playing the game
  • Gas fees need to be balanced and not overly disincentivize common use
  • Existing NFT and Smart Contract markets would have too much control over players
  • Minimize initial amount of coin in the hands of people who don’t care about t gaming
  • The ability to tweak the network to suit the amount of traffic and speed of transactions
  • To be decoupled, at least initially, from traditional crypto market speculation

Planned Blockchain Services:

  • Paying players directly for services
  • Paying players directly for items
  • Creating Auction House NFTs
  • Participating in community tournaments
  • Server services like player name change
  • Deeds to own rare pieces of in-game properties.
  • Showing player hosted game servers on the official server list
  • Convert relevant NFTs from other platforms to use with the game