• Defend your tower from enemy and player attacks
  • Open PvP
  • Full Drop
  • Full Survival
  • Nearest Point Respawn
  • Unrestricted Building
  • One Builder per Keystone
  • Total Keystones tied to level, capped at 8
  • Starter PvP free zones with Tier 1 keystone limit


We hope that our first game mode can lean to a heavier emphasis on long term individual base building while allowing for maximum excitement from PvP. The above options are designed to tilt the hand towards tower defenders over siege players. Particularly the builder and keystone restrictions. Builder and keystone restrictions prevent cooperation on a single mega building and force factions to think strategically about members tower locations.

Possible Dangers:

Safe zones with building seemed a little meh to me at first so let me explain. It seems like an obvious choice to avoid all chance of getting your tower sieged, but restriction to Tier 1 will be extremely limiting in the end. It’s really to help the starting player get a foot hold before creating a real monstrosity of a tower.

Feedback Focus:

This game mode is the first of many so this is broad for now. The thing to note the the options above and how we could use them for a variety of gamemodes. We could easily go to no drop, no survival, and open up everything else for a pure PvE server. With play feedback we hope to discover the best balance.


Our hope is to solve some of the issues we ran into with popular survival games. We know this is not easy, and that is the reason we have spent so long cookin on the above ideas. These are pretty much every knob we could add to an open world fps survival world. We are excited to see if our theories will work and just what meta games will prevail.

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