A view of the environment from the player built structure
The yellow energy bar is above the four ability squares

Energy System Introduction

Alchemist hunger for energy is boundless. It’s the key to their amazing abilities like self healing and the wide array of flying projectiles. Also required to raise towers and fortify positions. Energy is quite the lifeline, so resources that replenish are sought after. Even equipment can augment its maximum potential and reduce energy cost. Outside of effects that prevent it, alchemist will slowly gather energy over time.

Screenshot showing a player using Fire Orb ability, illuminating the darkness
The Fire Orb on that player will drain their energy overtime

Elemental affinities, items and resources

When it comes to transmutation and the creation of consumables, wind type element items are the key ingredients. The starting zone has peon level enemies that are a great place to farm. For a greater challenge and fantastic wind based rewards, check the southeastern corner of Prima for higher level wind threats. Additionally a few other attributes and bloodlines can mitigate and reduce energy use.

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