The Heart of the Tower

  • Controls area of influence for the creator
  • Allows building and provides conduit power
  • Upgradeable to increase keystone benefits
  • Provides tower and conduit regeneration
  • Creator spawn and teleport point


It was our goal to create a kind of central nervous system of the building. Something that would allow each building to have more of a personality, a way for each building to be slightly different. A real gem to be protected by the creator and the object of desire for rivals. The entire tower hinges on the stability of the Keystone.


This is a magnum opus of alchemy, the sought after philosopher’s stone. Rather than granting everlasting life itself, these stones lead to the Prima Realm. The first alchemist to enter the realm realized rather quickly that the stones reacted to the land around it. Thus the first Sage towers were born, building structures around the keystone to harness and refine the raw energy unleashed. The search for immortality and invincibility continued on into the boundless dimension they unlocked.


  • 4/1/21- Total number of keystones restricted by the following math : (Level /10)+1
  • 4/1/21- First tier Keystone range is 25