Screenshot of an enemy defeated by player defense turrets

Quick Start: TLDR

  • Find a nice spot in safe zone for your building and place your keystone down for respawn.
  • Avoid death or drop all your loot. Store valuables inside the unraidable keystone bank.
  • Destroy earth enemies for food, water for water, nature for healing, and air for energy.
  • Upgrade equipment, build a supply of consumables and earn bloodline levels.
  • Group up and attack the more challenging Monuments and Ziggurats.

Starting Sage Towers Overview

You begin with 4 starter Abilities tied to equippable rings. Food and Water need to be managed or your Health will start to drop over time. Building is available right away but will consume Energy like your abilities. Energy slowly regenerates over time. While harvestable Resources are scattered about, Enemies provide the main source of crafting material. Use the crafting Transmute system to combine items into new ones or upgrade existing Equipment.

After you get the basics you should destroy Monuments, clear Ziggurats and find hidden treasure to unlock powerful abilities, but make sure to take some friends along. Always remember that outside of the Safe Zone, your player and building are fully PvP raidable and Death results in dropping of equipment. Store your important items safely in your Keystone and protect your property with automatic Turrets.

Screenshot showing a player using Fire Orb ability, illuminating the darkness

Your first fight

The starting area is full of enemies to destroy. Don’t be afraid to walk near them, the peons don’t engage unless attacked first. Use caution, as most enemies will call others in the area to battle you. Take aim and use missiles and instant, sniper-like attacks that are standard for fresh spawn. Hostile enemies are a bit farther from the starting point and will engage without hesitation. You will likely need some gear, items and/or help to take them down.

Game screenshot showing an instant line attack damaging an enemy

Starter Abilities

NameTypeElementDamage Cooldown Description
Air CannonMissileWind1502Spam it, gives buff on use
OverloadInstantElectric2258Aim well, gives buff on hit
Fire OrbSelfFireN/AN/ASee in the darkness
Seek IshAnnaSelfNatureN/A60Heal, but debuff lockout
A spread of 4 abilities out of the 70 available, with plans for many many more

These abilities are tied to your rings and can be swapped out and modified. There are a few different delivery systems for the abilities, like missiles and instant lasers. Most damage abilities can physically interact with each other. Missiles will hit and destroy other missiles and so forth. Then we have the element of ability doing additional or less damage depending on the target’s element. Attribute points with the same element bolster damage output, as well.

Your first building

Player building a structure in game

First, find an area distanced from other player’s keystones. You can’t build too close to anyone else. Start by pressing the button assigned (Left Ctrl by default) to pop up the building mode. Select the keystone and click to place it down. After this engage the button again to restore the building selection and the foundation. Surround your keystone with foundation by aiming around your keystone. After this, secure your tower with walls and a door.

In game screenshot of a player built structure

Only you can access your doors and other interactables, like lights. This might change in the future and will probably be a setting per server. In a Safe Zone, your building can only be destroyed by decay (currently work in progress). A basic wind turret is available to defend your tower until we hammer out the exact system to unlock advanced building pieces. Feedback is highly encouraged.

Your first transmute

After you destroy a few enemies, you will notice “essence” type items. This is a staple of gameplay, eventually being fuel for your keystone. For now we will use some to make basic survival items. Feel free to try any combination of items you want. What comes out depends on Materia/Animus slot, item type, element, rarity and a few other factors. Transmute can be found by hitting TAB and opening up the player menu.

In game screenshot depicting the looting of a defeated enemy

The player transmute menu takes two items, one in Materia slot and another in the Animus slot. Place an essence of the same type in both and hit Fuse. You should get a green (uncommon) item from this. Put that into the Materia and combine with another essence of the same element. So for example, two earth essence fuse to a green item, then that green item and another earth essence will make a food consumable.

Your first adventure

Once you get your base established and the basics down, your real adventure can begin. Leaving the peace of the safe zone into the wild is a big risk, but the reward is superior loot and equipment. Hordes of dangerous enemies roam the bounds of the landscape. Monuments spawn around the map, apply aggressive debuffs to players and summon elementals to protect it. A team of players is required to destroy one, but the rewards are even richer.

In game screenshot displaying zone information as player enters new zone

Your first death

All good things must come to an end, but you can always respawn in this game. Depending on the server settings, you will probably drop all your loot on death. You will be shown a respawn screen to go the the safe zone or your nearest keystone. If you’re trying to get your stuff back, be sure to check the map for a marker but try to be fast. A PvP death will usually result in your loot being taken.

What next after this?

Once you reach high enough level, you place additional keystones, continue to upgrade gear and prepare for future content. We have dungeons, puzzles and new abilities in production. Ziggurats are coming soon. Workstations that expand upon the crafting system will be able to be built inside your tower.

Long term, we want to have robust world events, rich crafting system and innovative base building. You can always check the roadmap or check out our Discord. We want to hear your feedback!

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