I lost my password how do I reset it?

Your password is to keep your wallet’s mnemonic safe and give you a faster was to access blockchain features. Hopefully you have your mnemonics safe with you. Navigate to %userprofile%\appdata\locallow\Amazastrophic\Sage Towers\ and delete Backup.dat from the folder. Once you reboot Sage Towers you can make a new password and being the process of recovering your wallet.

I lost my mnemonic how do I reset it?

So sit down. You know them stories about someone tossing out a hard drive with crypto on it? Well we moved away from that scenario to one that orbits around the wallets mnemonic. So sadly if you lose it there is no way to recover it…

Use a wallet from Sage Towers in Standalone app?

Not right now but we are working on a solution to make it more seamless. Of course you can still transfer funds between them effortlessly.