What are we working on?


Scout Enemies and Ziggurats


Advanced Building Blueprints

Long Term:

City Sieges and World Bosses

Check out our Trello for an in-depth layout of our work.
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Screenshot of an enemy defeated by player defense turrets

About Us

Sage Towers is developed by Amazastrophic, a 2-person independent game studio based in Louisville, KY. We are self funded, doing the work ourselves or buying the assets we need from stores/artists. Read more about us here.

Currently, we are seeking funding to significantly speed up development. At this stage, the majority of the work to be done is asset production. With funding, we would swiftly hire a character artist, environment artist, vfx artist and more if possible. We know that custom, high quality game assets would greatly improve the quality of the game experience.

Want to help?

If you would like to support the development of Sage Towers, consider subscribing on Patreon. All Patreon subscribers recieve a game key for Sage Towers on Discord and instantly gain access to behind the scenes content, exclusive screenshots from development testing, monthly development updates and more!

Are you an investor? Lets talk. Send us an email: cs[at]amazastrophic[dot]com

What do we plan on adding?

  • Additional tower defense mechanics
  • Expansion of building system
  • Advanced crafting blueprints
  • Server events that require player cooperation to conquer.
  • Procedural dungeons, hand crafted raids and world bosses.
  • Titles, Achievements and Mounts
  • PvP events and/or battleground.
  • Player generated content

What do we have so far?

  • Working network backend that has been user tested for over a year
  • Interchangeable ability FPS combat system modified by gear
  • Building system with secured item storage, defense turrets, and more
  • Crafting system to produce consumables and upgrade or modify gear
  • Configurable AI state machine that responds to players and buildings
  • Simple and Minimal UI
  • Survival and RPG mechanics that provide meaningful change
  • Handcrafted world map with 4k textures and a day-night cycle
  • Players can host servers or play LAN
  • Adjustable server rule set for things like PvP, loot dropping, and other modifiers
  • Open world harvesting with enemies and points of interest
  • Simple questing system and pvp ranking that we currently disabled
Player stands near a discovered treasure chest in game


The framework for the core game systems are established and well tested. We plan to continually iterate, expand on and improve them over time. We designed the systems so we can easily adjust and add to them as needed.

Our first focus so was on the networking. After several years of study, trials and user testing, we know what we can actually achieve with multiplayer experiences.

Our goal is a few hundred players spread out in an open world, huge player built towers, and lots of action abilities going off while fighting waves of enemies. We believe we can already support this. We know the predictable bottle necks and how to adjust them as we go. That’s why we spent so long iterating on solutions. We learned the boundaries of existing network protocols and the limits of Unity3D in such settings.

Amazastrophic’s Co-Founder Anthony Eckert

When it comes to the ability system, our focus is currently on polishing and adjusting existing abilities. There are several different ability types available to players in game. In addition, we also have several different types of movement abilities that aid in dungeon clearing and map exploration. The effects system and RPG attributes add an additional layer of choice for players and will continue to add depth to game play.

Both the building and crafting systems are well established and tested. We will be able to quickly and easily add to these systems.

Separate posts about each system are incoming, but it should be clear that the basic systems are running well together and should provide a nice combination of gameplay loops. With that taken care of, let’s talk about the things we need to improve on.

What is just placeholder?

Game screenshot showing an instant line attack damaging an enemy

Below we show what assets we have that are obtained from a Unity store license or obtained from a Creative Commons license. The game is currently bootstrapped as we only have personal funding at this moment.

We use these licensed items:

We use these Unity Store assets:

  • Icons
  • Player model
  • Enemy model
  • Some ability effects

The art we used for concept art is from two different artist who licence their art on Shutterstock. We use some of this art in places like loading screens.

The above has been called placeholder based on that fact anyone can pay for them and use them too.

The majority of code is written, designed and maintained by us. The ones we didn’t build, we contributed to their Github.

Who are we again?

We are Amazastrophic and you can learn more about us here.

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