Art and the modern renaissance

Turn and face the strange changes.

Customize Blocks
Wide open land

Memes leading the way

People saying “It can’t be done” are interrupted by somebody doing it.

Building together

All art intuitively apprehends coming changes in the collective unconsciousness.

All derivatives add value to the original- @Vincent_Van_Dough

Two person studio Amazastrophic, is currently building one-off meme metaverses that are public domain focused, with a private Github going public for everyone when a special source key is sold. We are using these core metaverse code bases for our grand project Sage Towers. If you keep scrolling you can learn about all the metaverses we have started creating so far!

Cowtopia a one-off metaverse meme extravaganza

The point of this experiment is to promote moos, memes, and creative commons license. We believe in an open internet and building the metaverse the same way. So we gathered as many open assets as we could and combined them together.

Enter the Cowtopia Metaverse

Sage Towers is a free, community driven metaverse experiment.

It's focused on verified NFT ownership, web3 and realtime multiplayer interactions. Our long term goal is to open up as much of our core work as we can to help create the ultimate Metaverse. We are using as much open source as we can already along with Unity for platform support. Our core game can support hundreds of players on a huge beautiful open world server with player base building. Web3 support is being polished out before we push this metaverse much more, but you can download it here.


ETH: 0xfFd20C2c2054e8B0d09e76e831D0B9E543Dc50CC